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A Diploma In Information Technology From Mantissa College


If you are looking to achieve a diploma in information technology, you are going to find that Mantissa College is going to be a great choice. All of the applications can be submitted online and any students who finish the course will receive all of the necessary tools to help them while working in an IT field supporting firms, schools, offices and other organizations.

This is a field that has grown quite a bit in terms of importance due to the simple fact that information technology plays such an important role in both the structure as well of the management of businesses and organizations today. A graduate from Mantissa college holding this diploma will have undergone a great deal of hands on training to include all of the modern IT equipment as well as the processes, giving them all of the experience that they need to perform well outside of the classroom.

A student that has gone through the two year course will be able to jump into practicing their skills as a technical professional. Graduates will also have a chance at pursuing higher education in the world of information technology with a specialized degree. The course work contains all of the major IT subjects, including web development, computer basics, computer programming, management information systems, computer applications, simple accounting, basic economics, marketing, mathematics, and Bahasa communication skills for any student that would like to be able to communicate more fluently in the Malaysian working environment.

In addition to all of the subjects, students will also be able to go through an internship program, with requirements including an IT project before they are able to receive their diploma. This is going to be proof that any student has or has not gained an elevated level of understanding in the world of IT if they are able to create a product based upon what they have learned. This is an experience that is also going to put the students in a situation to learn all about how information technology has been used in business environments.

Admission Qualifications

Any student that wishes to enroll in the Information Technology courses for a Mantissa College diploma has to be able to meet a certain number of requirements. To begin with, any incoming students should meet SPM O-level. this means that they have a minimum of three SPM credits that will allow them to be eligible for admission. When it comes to language qualifications, the students need to hold at least a D in both Sejarah and Bahasa Malaysia communication subjects. You may click the link to go direction to the application page for Mantissa College.

Professional Skills and Opportunities

Along with the completion of this IT course, graduates will be able to:

– Work in either the public or private sector
– Apply to work various IT jobs in both commercial and industrial organizations
– Common IT positions including technician, user support service, network technician, programmer and web developer
– Operate IT control tools inside both networks and offices
– Work through various forms of information systems
– Manage and maintain databases of an organization
– Identify and understand IT tools that are within the IT system
– Build information technology systems for interactions between software and databases that are secure
– Introduce relevant software and apply it to the business system

This is a diploma course that boasts a MQA Full Accreditation Certificate. This ensures that each graduate will be a qualified professional. A number of Malaysian Labor Organizations, such as the JPA and PSD, have fully recognized this as a diploma course that is a trusted source of both knowledgeable and skilled workers.

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