Finding Professional Penetration Testing Services In Malaysia

Most businesses use high-tech security systems to try to keep intruders out. It is important to remember, however, that not every threat to a business is physical. A company’s data is one of its most valuable assets. Unfortunately, it is possible for this data to be stolen if a hacker is able to breach your company’s computer system. Through these types of attacks, your data can be stolen or corrupted, both of which can leave your business vulnerable. The best way to avoid cyber attacks is through a process known as penetration testing. Companies who provide these services can help find weaknesses in your company’s computer system that outside hackers may be able to exploit. You can then take steps to fix these weaknesses, making your system more secure.

Understanding Cyber Attacks

Unlike a robbery where someone physically enters your property, with a cyber attack, the person uses a computer to attack your business remotely. By hacking their way into your server or infiltrating your company with viruses, they can disrupt your services, corrupt your files, or steal your information. If your company is set up like most businesses, the vast majority of your data is most likely stored on a server that is connected to the Internet. As a result, your company’s most valuable information may be vulnerable to these types of (2)

A Closer Look At How Cyber Attacks Work

People who launch a cyber attack against your business can do so in a number of different ways. One of the most common, however, involves using bots to bombard your server with an enormous number of requests. This type of attack, which is known as a denial of service attack, will usually make your system impossible to use. In other cases, outside hackers may find their way into your system where they can steal all of your company’s most important data. The best way to prevent these types of attacks is by using special software that will identify the source of the traffic before sending it to your server.

Understanding Penetration Testing

Companies that specialize in cyber security often use a process known as penetration testing. In essence, they will attempt to penetrate your system through hacking or other types of cyber attacks to see where your weaknesses lie. Once they discover which areas need improvement, they can help you further secure your system to make sure that no one else can launch a successful imagesattack. Working with one of these companies can help make your system much more secure.

There are quite a few businesses in Malaysia that offer penetration testing. You can find most of these companies through a simple online search. From there, it is just a matter of making sure that they have a good reputation and that their prices are reasonable. It is well worth working with one of these companies to help secure your business and safeguard your data. Don’t wait until an attack happens. Instead, be proactive and take the necessary steps to secure your system today.

How Software Development Company Works?

The software is what the computer needs most because it cannot run properly without the best software as it has all the needed information and all the instructions encoded in there. All data and programs are stored in a computer. As this would perform and give productive work for every employee working that will give the best applications. This software is stored in the memory of the computer application, and it is the one that executes the command.

In every company, software development can be a very expensive kind of investment in which you are to face the developments and approaches of other companies. As there should be a proper understanding and consult. A very accurate and timely development to have a good customer service satisfaction.  A good quality kind of software can be the basis for purchasing software for a company just like the software development company in Malaysia.

Software development company should concentrate on software that creates for a certain type of business and companies. More focused on the finance and that it is used for due dates and costs and techniques and procedures. These software’s should fully concentrate on their clients to meet the demands. If you got the right software, then you know how to play the game and get the best solution there is. As software development is not only offered within your area but it delivers the high quality of software from all over the world.  So, what should you know about this software that it offers to different sectors?

  1. Web Applications – wherein the complex projects are made and that the best web application software shall be designed here to get clients. As there are a lot of web platforms to install in a web application.
  2. Windows Application – this is important in business applications. Windows can be installed in any devices wanting to have window software.
  3. Mobile Application- the most important application software that ever person should have in their mobile gadgets. As there are a lot of mobile applications coming out and everyone are entertained by it.
  4. Customize Software – having a customized software is what every business should have. It is what makes a unique business and most helpful for every company to achieve their business goal.
  5. SMS Software Marketing- this is one of the best marketing tools already wherein yu can reach and inform your clients with just a message away. It is very much convenient for every client you have that are enrolled in this software.
  6. SEO Services software – this is one of the best things that can make your page rank higher than the rest of your competitors.

It is very important to know that these different software’s exist. Especially with the business you are having, a good software development company is a great help to you. If you know their uses and difference, then you can install this software.

Watch this video on how to get started.

The Important Benefits of Hardware Asset Management

You know that your firm saves money when your software assets are properly managed. SAM is an integral part of keeping your business above board. What some firms forget about is the hardware aspect of the business. person-apple-laptop-notebook-medium

There are plenty of savings to be had when you can get software that properly helps you with your hardware asset management. HAM goes hand-in-hand with SAM. With the right programs, you can stay on top of the computers, desktops, laptops, servers and more. When you use asset management software for both software and hardware, you are staying on top of all the ways your firm can keep costs down and profits high.

Start by looking for the right type of HAM software. Just as you took the time to carefully get SAM together, you want to find what works best for your company. You might even find that there is a firm that offers software that works even better for your SAM and HAM together. Most firms find that the software helps them manage both types of assets from the moment of acquisition to the moment the asset is no longer useful.
Asset management software takes care of managing asset lifecycles. It helps you stay on top of your company’s inventory thereby reducing the chance of overbuying or underbuying. Nothing holds a firm up more than software or hardware that is not functioning as smoothly as it should. You do not want your technicians and staff to have to tell a customer by phone that they need to call back because the system has gone down –again. A few calls like this and customers will leave and find a firm that has a better track record of uptime.

If your hardware does break down, and it happens even in the best of situations, your HAM software can help diagnose the problem faster and help repairs get done more quickly. What you want your HAM software to do is help you minimize any downtime that may be unavoidable.

Visit your SAM dealer for more information on the type of hardware asset management software they have available. You might find that you can get a better deal buying both software systems from one supplier. Or, you might find that there is a niche HAM software dealer that works best for the systems you are running in your firm.   n place. Some systems will help you manage energy and resources so that you can cut costs on your overhead in electricity expenses.
You want to invest your firm’s time and money on more important things than your hardware. You can do this when you have the best HAM software in place. Start now to find the best program for your needs. Your software, much like your SAM software, will aid in keeping processes running smoothly so that you can focus on serving your clients better.

A Diploma In Information Technology From Mantissa College


If you are looking to achieve a diploma in information technology, you are going to find that Mantissa College is going to be a great choice. All of the applications can be submitted online and any students who finish the course will receive all of the necessary tools to help them while working in an IT field supporting firms, schools, offices and other organizations.

This is a field that has grown quite a bit in terms of importance due to the simple fact that information technology plays such an important role in both the structure as well of the management of businesses and organizations today. A graduate from Mantissa college holding this diploma will have undergone a great deal of hands on training to include all of the modern IT equipment as well as the processes, giving them all of the experience that they need to perform well outside of the classroom.

A student that has gone through the two year course will be able to jump into practicing their skills as a technical professional. Graduates will also have a chance at pursuing higher education in the world of information technology with a specialized degree. The course work contains all of the major IT subjects, including web development, computer basics, computer programming, management information systems, computer applications, simple accounting, basic economics, marketing, mathematics, and Bahasa communication skills for any student that would like to be able to communicate more fluently in the Malaysian working environment.

In addition to all of the subjects, students will also be able to go through an internship program, with requirements including an IT project before they are able to receive their diploma. This is going to be proof that any student has or has not gained an elevated level of understanding in the world of IT if they are able to create a product based upon what they have learned. This is an experience that is also going to put the students in a situation to learn all about how information technology has been used in business environments.

Admission Qualifications

Any student that wishes to enroll in the Information Technology courses for a Mantissa College diploma has to be able to meet a certain number of requirements. To begin with, any incoming students should meet SPM O-level. this means that they have a minimum of three SPM credits that will allow them to be eligible for admission. When it comes to language qualifications, the students need to hold at least a D in both Sejarah and Bahasa Malaysia communication subjects. You may click the link to go direction to the application page for Mantissa College.

Professional Skills and Opportunities

Along with the completion of this IT course, graduates will be able to:

– Work in either the public or private sector
– Apply to work various IT jobs in both commercial and industrial organizations
– Common IT positions including technician, user support service, network technician, programmer and web developer
– Operate IT control tools inside both networks and offices
– Work through various forms of information systems
– Manage and maintain databases of an organization
– Identify and understand IT tools that are within the IT system
– Build information technology systems for interactions between software and databases that are secure
– Introduce relevant software and apply it to the business system

This is a diploma course that boasts a MQA Full Accreditation Certificate. This ensures that each graduate will be a qualified professional. A number of Malaysian Labor Organizations, such as the JPA and PSD, have fully recognized this as a diploma course that is a trusted source of both knowledgeable and skilled workers.

How A Data Warehouse Can Be of Great Help to Managements

Information is king at most businesses. For that reason, data warehouses can be a boon for a business. It means that information is readily accessible and that it can be analyzed and used at a moment’s notice. Management requires information to make decisions.

The accuracy and accessibility of data are what makes for better decision-making efforts on the part of management.

Reporting on a company’s operations as compared to the industrywide efforts is one way to maintain the competitive edge. Data warehouses allow the collection of data from many different sources, even from outside of the organization. That is the other part of successful decision-making efforts on the part of management.

Time-Honored Traditions
In a sense, having a data warehouse is like honoring time, because it means that you have access to information from the present day all the way back to the start of your industry’s or company’s record-keeping efforts. Again, more information over a longer period of time is equated with better decision-making abilities. Compare what is going on today with what happened over time to get perspective on the industry.

The information may come in handy for comparing quarterly to quarterly results, yearly to yearly, and help determine whether efforts are cost effective or underperforming. Use the information to evaluate the performance of marketing, sales, finance, and even production.

The true goal of data warehousing is important. Though, it is more important to onboard and get the buy-in of all departments prior to unveiling plans to use such a service. The reason is that they need to feel invested and motivated to contribute to the system, and to use the data from the warehouse as well.

Use employee efforts to both plan and design the warehouse and the processes your outfit will follow with its subsequent implementation. The data warehouse both collects and filters information necessary for analyzing performance. It helps in making decisions that impact both the present-day structure and operation of your company, and its future as an organization.

Make sure that everyone in your company understands the power of the information that is available to them partly because of the power of information to form the future of the company.

Data warehouses collect and filter data used to inform decisions at the highest levels of the company. Having a common data model may work for your company to integrate different areas. It makes for the easiest reporting and analysis. Such information is useful to identify difficulties such as inconsistent performance or places where there is room for improvement.

The best part about a data warehouse is that the information can be subject to parameters that work with your company’s needs. Such parameters allow you to maintain management of the information. It allows users to tap into the information while limiting what they can do.

The data work with the existing operating system that is already in operation by IT. That means that IT operations will never have to suffer for the use of the data warehouse capabilities. The warehouse is a potential boon to any business and has the potential to provide great value if your business makes use of all it has to offer you.